Mountain lion cubs for sale

Mountain lion cubs for sale

If you are looking for mountain lion cubs for sale, you’ve come to the right place. Mountain lions are great big cats to own due to their nature. Unlike other big cats such as tigers and African lions, the mountain lion is a lot smaller in size (but still very powerful). Mountain lions are famous in the United States due to the fact that they occupy a lot of land.  Mountain lions are extremely popular exotic pets in the USA, with over 20,000 to 40,000 mountain lions being left in the wild according to state game agencies. Mountain lion cub for sale are popular in the USA due to the fact that they used to occupy a lot of land in the Northern American plains. However, today they are only found in 14 states.

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Mountain lions are also known as pumas, and also cougars. They’re also known as the ghost cat and mountain screamer, due to its chilling scream, which can sometimes be correlated to a woman screaming deep in the forest. (Not a pleasant sound to hear when camping).

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    How much does a mountain lion cost

    There are many reasons why mountain lion cubs are being bred for ownership, but the main ones are that they can be quite cheap compared to other exotic wild animals which people can buy. Mountain lions can go for $2,000 on average, which is not a lot for an exotic beast designed to kill game animals out in the wilderness. Big cats in general are a lot cheaper to purchase than other wild animals. Here are some prices for other wild animals people can purchase:

    • Chimpanzee: $60,000
    • Giraffe: $45,000
    • Hyacinth macaw: $14,000

    So you can see why a mountain lion cub for sale would be a more likely investment for people looking to purchase an exotic pet.

    Can you legally own a mountain lion

    Technically speaking, yes you can legally own a mountain lion. However the more detailed answer is that it will depend on state to state laws in your current home. 21 states in the USA outlaw the ownership of any big cats including African lions, tigers and mountain lions. Alabama and Wisconsin are one of the few states that allow the ownership of mountain lions, with almost zero restrictions.

    If you want to buy a mountain lion, it is important you contact state officials and read the laws regarding the ownership of any big cat in your state, as some are very strict while others are lenient and allow the ownership of exotic animals with little restriction.

    What is the difference between a mountain lion and a cougar

    They are the same animal, however they are known as different names for certain people. Mountain lions go by a lot of names, such as ghost cats, cougars, puma and mountain screamer. There is no difference between them other than their name used.

    Do mountain lions attack humans

    Yes and no. Mountain lions, like any other animal are very protective, and would like to avoid danger at all costs. If they can, they will run away from danger so their chances of injury in the wild is lower. If they cannot escape a dangerous and life threatening situation, they would most likely attack anything that comes in their way.

    Mountain lions do not attack humans in the generic sense. They do not sought out humans for food, as their food source is mostly game animals that live in the wild. However, they are known to stalk humans in history, and are known to chase after campers, and bikers who explore the wilderness. Most of the time, they would actively avoid humans, and would rather frighten a human in order to protect itself and its cubs.

    Here is a footage of a mountain lion “attacking” a human.

    According to speculators, the mountain lion is simply leading the hiker away from its cubs by chasing him away, and then eventually fleeing. If the mountain lion wanted to attack the hiker and kill him, you can be rest assured that this would happen in a blink in the eye. Despite it looking small, these killer big cats can take down huge prey so a scared human would be outmatched in every sense of the word.

    Are mountain lions afraid of dogs

    Dogs are easy prey for most mountain lions unfortunately. So are mountain lions afraid of dogs? We would say no. If you are ever walking your dog in the wilderness, and somehow find yourself in the path of a mountain lion, the last thing you want to happen is you or your dog running away. So you need to hold your dog because if it runs, it would trigger the mountain lions prey instinct, and get the dog killed.

    What is a female mountain lion called

    A female mountain lion is called a Queen.

    Do mountain lions scream like a woman

    Yes, Weirdly, mountain lions and cheetahs are one of the only few big cats in the world who do not roar. Lions and tigers are known for their teeth clenching roars, which can give anyone a major scare. Cheetahs are known to purr and mountain lions are known to screech. Mountain lions have often been mistaken for women in the wild because the screeching sound sounds very eerily similar to a woman screaming loudly.

    What are mountain lions scared of

    Mountain lions share their environment with many other predator animals such as wolves and bears, making them a natural threat to their lives. Wolves and bears are much bigger and powerful than a mountain lion so they are unlikely to pick a fight with them in the wild. Mountain lions are also scared of humans, which is why if you ever see one in the wild, you should shout as loud as you can and make yourself appear as big as possible. This would fend the mountain lion away and leave you unscathed during the battle.