The truth about lion cubs and tourist attractions

The big fact lie about lion cubs and tourist attractions

You may have been tempted by advertisements online where you can visit lion parks and help with the day to day running of the park by feeding the lion cubs. looking after them, and helping them grow into big lions who would eventually be let out in to the wild. Want to know the truth? This does not exist.

There is a very profitable business in South Africa, where there are over 300 breeding farms whose sole purpose is to simply breed lions, tigers, cheetahs, and even ligers. These unethical breeding farms are bad for the conservation of wild life, due to the nature of their program. Female lionesses are used as tools to simply breed lion cubs, giving birth to almost 3 litters a year! Lionesses are known to be fertile when they lose their cubs, and these breeding farms speed up the fertility process by ripping these lion cubs away from their mothers at a very early age, up to days after the birth. This can affect the lionesses, physically and emotionally, as it is not natural.

How do these breeding farms get away with such an act

They use the same phrases which is spurted out again and again. Most of them will tell you that the lion cubs were saved from poachers, who killed their mother so they are now being hand reared and raised in order to be let out into the wild once it is able to do so. They also tell you that the female lionesses did not want to look after its cubs so they were taken away, and hand reared, to stop the lion cub from dying due to starvation or other issues which may arise.

These lion cubs for sale can never be released into the wild, ever. There are many reasons why but the main ones are that these lions lack the basic instinct to survive, which only the mothers can teach them in the wild. This would include the ability to hunt, run away from danger, socialise with other lions and many other factors. As well as this, these lion cubs have been taught not to fear humans during its early years, so releasing them into the wild would be very devastating for them as poachers in the canned hunting business could kill them with ease as the lions are taught that humans are not a threat.

The truth

The simple truth is that lion cubs are for the entertainment industry. The reason breeding farms exist currently are because lion cubs and other big cats are profitable for them. Tourists from all over the world pay top dollar to pet these lion cubs and this feeds into the industry making it stronger year by year. The only way to stop this from happening is to stop going to these tourist traps and reducing the breeding farms ability to sell lion cubs.

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